2022 Membership Renewal

As usual, renewal fees were formally advised by post in the AGM newsletter mailed to members in early December.

Like last year, if you do want to renew your membership please use this online page as it is simple and convenient. If you fill in and submit the form below you do not need to contact the Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer (as stated in the AGM Newsletter). Once submitted, no further communication is necessary and you will be contacted in due course.

2022 Renewal Fees:

Due to the Covid pandemic and impact on the 2021 fishing season, the club committee is delighted to announce that for existing members, the 2022 membership fee will once again be discounted: 

  • Senior Gents/Ladies (over 16) membership: £100

  • Family membership: £120

  • Concession membership: £75

  • Family Concession membership: £95

  • Park membership : £20

  • Intermediate membership (Between16-18) : £15

  • Junior membership (U16) : £5

Renewal Process:

  1. All members must fill in the 2022 membership renewal form. Using the new online form below is preferred* 

  2. Early in 2022, the Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer will then advise you of the bank account details for payment and your unique 2022 Membership ID code.

  3. Early payment by BACS or cheque is very much appreciated. The final deadline is 28th February. A subscription payment meeting is scheduled for 20th February 2022 if you would prefer to pay that way. Please see the AGM Newsletter for further information.

  4. Membership information for 2022 will be sent to you by post. 

*Please note that renewal form submissions will be processed from Jan 2nd 2022. Once submitted, no further communication is necessary and you will be contacted in due course.



If you are unable to fill in the simple online form above, please download and send the Word document version (below)  by email to the “Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer”, cdacemail@gmail.com, or by post to:


PO Box 280.


NE37 9DJ.  

2022 New Membership Application Form Download

The Treasurer/Subscriptions officer can also be contacted on: Tel. 07592 859772.

2022 Membership Renewal Form