Catch Returns 

Contractual Obligation

The club needs to report annual catch returns as a contractual obligation of being allowed to fish the land belonging to the riparian owners. This is why Club Regulation 18 is in everyone's interests to ensure timely reporting and continuity of our fishing rights; 'Any member who fails to submit the return in time but wishes to rejoin the club the following season will be required to pay the full subscription plus a £50 excess.'

Catch Return Process

  • Every Full Member must submit an official format catch return of game fish caught to the Club Secretary by no later than 30th November of the relevant year, even if nothing was caught. A catch return may be submitted online on this catch returns page, handed to the Secretary at the AGM or posted to the Secretary (members are advised to obtain proof of postage - supplied free of charge at any Post Office).

  • For your convenience, the online catch return form will become live from October 1st 2022. This should only take a few minutes.

  • Please fill in the form no later than 30th November 2022. An offline form is also available from the club secretary.

  • If nothing is caught then a NIL RETURN is required.

  • A returns grid, showing your membership number, will be manually and periodically updated after October 31st 2022 , appearing below.