• New 2022 Junior membership : £10


Once you have completed online payment please fill in and send to us a membership application form (details on the form). If multiple memberships are purchased, then multiple application forms need to be submitted.


Please ensure you have read and agreed to the club's Terms and Conditions / Salmon Tags  sections prior to purchasing membership.

Junior Membership (under 16)

    1. Your membership is not 'live' until you have been offcially allocated a membership number. 
    2. Persons convicted of Poaching/Fisheries Offences or previously banned or denied membership to other fishing clubs will be refused Club membership.
    3. Any online membership application refunds will be refunded minus the club's transaction fee costs for both the original payment and refund transaction.
    4. For Family membership, the Parents/Guardians & children under 16 are to be named before acceptance.
    5. New applicants will be asked to provide a passport style photograph with their application. 
    6. By becoming a member of the Club, (CDAC), you agree to be bound by the Club Rules & Regulations and Environment Agency Byelaws.
    7. Club Rules are published in the Club membership handbook and on the website in the club info section.
    8. By applying online for membership you agree to comply with all clubs rules and decisions of the Committee on the date and time of the application.


    It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood club rules.

  • If you are wanting to fish for migratory fish, you will be sent 5 colour coded Salmon tags. The use of these tags, in accordance with Club Rules, is mandatory and not negotiable.