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Fish Legal win again

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Fish Legal are celebrating a legal victory against the Government and the Environment Agency.

CDAC is also a member of Fish Legal who work in partnership with the Angling Trust and we are regular users of their services. This latest news shows that Fish Legal is successful in tackling mistakes or errors of judgement made by the Government and Environment Agency.

Pickering Fishery Association fish the Costa Beck. At least they used to before the wild trout and grayling disappeared. A summary of the legal case follows;

In a damning judgement delivered today, the High Court found that the Government made a fundamental ‘error of law’ in its decision-making. As a result:

  • The Environment Agency’s Humber River Basin Management Plan published in December was unlawful;

  • The Secretary of State’s decision to sign it off was also unlawful;

  • The Environment Agency’s consultation on the draft Plan was unlawful because it didn’t contain the information that anglers needed to understand exactly what actions would be taken to bring a Yorkshire beck back to health.

Read here for more information.



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