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A net fishery for salmon and sea trout has been in operation in the North East of England for at least 180 years. Please click below to share your viewpoint. Deadline is 17th June, be quick!

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As part of our (EA) duty to maintain, improve and develop salmon and sea trout fisheries in England, the Environment Agency has the power to licence fishing for salmon and migratory trout, and to make Orders setting limitations for the provision of net licences, known as Net Limitation Orders (NLOs).

NLOs are used to secure sustainable exploitation of salmon and sea trout stocks by controlling the number of licensed nets allowed to operate in specified fisheries.

In limiting the number of licences, we also consider the interests of those who are licensed to fish and are dependent for their livelihoods on the fishing, to ensure the economic impacts are minimised, as well as protecting vulnerable fish stocks.

In December 2012, the number of licences available in the Yorkshire and North East coast net fishery for salmon and sea trout was determined by the North East Coast (Limitation of Net Licences) Order 2012.


This Order expires in December 2022. We are therefore consulting with all interested parties to assist us in determining the future management of the net fishery after that time.

This consultation considers provisions for replacing the existing NLO, together with other means of regulating the North East coast net fishery, including relevant legislation, national and regional fisheries byelaws and licence conditions. It also considers whether a beach net fishery for sea trout can be maintained in some form or another.

We have identified four options:

Option 1

Do nothing. Allow the current NLO to expire in December 2022 without replacement. Anyone applying for a T or J net licence would be issued with one.

Option 2

Replace the 2012 NLO with a new reducing NLO with identical provisions - licences are restricted to those already operating in the net fishery, and as current licensees retire, the number of licences is reduced.

Option 3

Introduce a fixed NLO that caps the number of licences at the current level, such that as existing licensees retire, their licences are made available to other fishermen.

Option 4

Introduce an NLO which sets the number of licences available at zero, suspending all netting for sea trout.

Supporting material:

Anyone wishing to take part in the consultation can access the 'Consultation on management options for the Yorkshire and North East sea trout net fishery' in the Related Documents section. This document provides details of the management options for the future of the Yorkshire and North East sea trout net fishery.

Why your views matter

The consultation will be of interest to anyone who fishes for and/or has an interest in the salmon and sea trout populations and fisheries in North East England, their conservation and management.

We are consulting on the future management of the net fishery to give people the opportunity to understand the options under consideration and provide us with any information they think is relevant to our decision making. You can respond on-line or use the response form below.