Challenge the government on pollution

The government wants to take our rights away!

Stop the Government taking away your right to challenge them on pollution!

Chester Le Street & District AC

Dear Member Fish Legal fights your corner, taking public bodies (including the Government, councils, the regulators and the water companies) to court for simply not doing enough to protect rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

We have been successful: challenging a lack of action on agricultural pollution, sewage discharges into protected waters or getting private companies to open-up their filing cabinets to reveal the true impact of their activities on the water environment. That’s because when we win a case, the Court provides a “remedy” called a “quashing order” against the public body which means their bad decision is overturned.

Now the government wants to take that right away. The way it’s doing this is to say to judges that they should choose another type of “remedy” first: one which doesn’t always mean the bad decision will be completely quashed. So, even if we can persuade a judge that the public body got things wrong, it may not be possible to stop their bad decision going ahead. These changes are being introduced in the Judicial Review and Courts Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

We think this is just another example of the Government trying to prevent public body decision makers from being held to account. After all, who would want to launch legal action if they thought they would never be able to get the outcome they needed?

That is why we are asking you to write to your local MP to highlight the consequences on the environmental claims we take if the Government gets its way. Follow the link to our pro-forma letter below and find your MP’s email and constituency address online at You can read our full letter to the Secretary of State for Justice HERE. Many thanks for your support. Kind regards, Justin Neal Solicitor Fish Legal