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Anglers should leave nothing behind

Two swans injured by discarded fishing tackle in Sunderland have made national headlines.

From the BBC:

'Two seven-month-old cygnets have been treated after being found with discarded fishing hooks in their legs.

The injured birds, from a family of six, were reported to the RSPCA after it was noticed that they were unable to walk properly, near Silksworth Lakes.

The RSPCA has appealed to anglers to dispose of their equipment safely.

The problem of fishing litter at the Sunderland lake has been reported to the charity in the past.

Inspectors caught the cygnets, which were described as unsteady on their feet

The RSPCA took both birds to a vet who removed the hooks, which were deeply embedded in the animals' legs.

One cygnet has been returned to its family at the lake and the second, which was caught and rescued three days later, on 30 September, suffered swelling to its leg.

It has also been released and is being monitored by officers from the charity.

RSPCA chief inspector Lindsey Avery said: "Sadly, we're seeing an alarming number of animals who've been impacted by fishing litter.

"Many of them - like these cygnets - can be saved, but some need lengthy care and rehabilitation," she said.

"Others aren't so lucky and sometimes their injuries - or the sheer stress and exhaustion of their ordeal - proves too much."

According to the RSPCA, it received 1,245 calls about fishing litter in England and Wales last year, with around half (614 or 49.3%) these calls made between June and September.

Ms Avery said there was a "simple solution" and appealed to anglers to pick up their own litter and "leave nothing behind".'



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