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Saturday 18th May - Member Open Day,11.00am

Neil Lobban, ‘Full’ club member, and Master qualified instructor with AAPGAI in both single and double handed casting, is holding a free open day on the Cong Burn Beat.

Dear Member

On Saturday 18th May at 11.00am, Neil, who works alongside several tackle companies and is also the chairman of the North East Fly Casting Club (NEFCC), is holding a CDAC Open Day at Cong Burn beat.

Open Day

The day will include discussions and demonstrations about tackle, casting and fishing techniques for the various conditions you might face on the river and everyone will

have the opportunity to ask questions and also ‘have a go’ on the day, if they wish.

The day is free and open to member anglers of all ages, abilities and experience.

Neil is also happy to take requests for topics on the day and if you have anything you

would specifically like covered he can be reached at

Venue – Cong Burn beat

Time - 11.00am - 2.30pm

Parking arrangements – Cong Burn car-park

You are advised that you should bring with you a suitable chair, food/drink, sunglasses and a hat. Waders, a rod, reel and line will be required if you wish to ‘have a go’, although these can be provided on the day, if requested.

Best Wishes

CDAC Committee



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