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New Members

We are a friendly and inclusive fishing club with access to 10 miles of largely unbroken river bank from Finchale Abbey to Newbridge on A183, Chester Road. 


To  put yourself on the full member waiting list for 2025 or to apply for Park Membership (can join any time), please either send a message using the form below or​ phone Lloyd Atkinson (Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer) on 07592 859772 (from January 2nd,10am to 8pm).






New Membership 2024 Application Form Download


New members note

Membership of the club is limited to 230 full members, although "Park" & Junior members have no limit and can join anytime throughout the year.

For any prospective full member wishing to join the club (to fish all club waters), we operate a waiting list policy and we will move you up the list as applicants at the top of the list come off. There are two sections to the list and those applicants living within the old Chester-le-Street District Council boundary have priority over those living outside the area.

In late March 2025, if there are any membership vacancies, you will be contacted and invited to send in the full membership fee, (details below), plus a passport-size photograph which will be copied to your membership card.


Current fees for new members, for 2024 are: 

  • Senior membership : £150 plus £50 joining fee

  • Family membership : £170 plus £50 joining fee (principal applicant only)

  • Intermediate membership : £30

  • Park membership : £40

  • Junior membership : £10

Please note that these fees could change for 2025.

Day tickets

These are available for the "Park" stretch (see downloadable map) from Durham County Council on the Park side of the river only,  from the Cong Burn upstream to Crichton Avenue for £3.65 per day and must be purchased in advance from the Riverside Leisure Complex, tel: 03000 266447 or Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre, tel: 03000 266444.

2025 Full Member & Park Stretch 
Application Form
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