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2024 Membership Renewal

As usual, renewal fees were formally advised by post in the AGM newsletter mailed and emailed to members mid-December.

Like previous years, if you would like to renew your membership please use this online page as it is simple and convenient. Once submitted, no further communication is necessary and you will be contacted in due course. For any other membership queries for 2024, please wait until January 2nd before contacting the Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer (10am to 8pm).

2024 Renewal Fees:

Following 2023 Riparian negotiations and subsequent fee increases for the Club’s Lambton & Scarborough Licences to 2025, the reality is that there has to be a modest annual increase for 2024 of £10 for all Full Memberships:

  • Senior Gents/Ladies (over 16) membership: £150

  • Family membership: £170

  • Concession membership: £125

  • Family Concession membership: £145

  • Park membership : £40

  • Intermediate membership (Between16-18) : £30

  • Junior membership (U16) : £10

Renewal Process:

  1. All members must fill in the 2024 membership renewal form. Using the new online form below is preferred* 

  2. Early in 2024, the Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer will then advise you of the bank account details for payment and your unique 2024 Membership ID code.

  3. Early payment by BACS or cheque is very much appreciated. The final deadline is 28th February. Due to very low numbers attending in 2023, NO subscription payment meeting will be scheduled for 2024. 

  4. Membership information for 2024 will be sent to you by post. 

Late Catch Return Rejoining Penalty:

As advised on the catch return website section, and in club newsletters, CDAC needs to report annual catch returns as a contractual obligation of being allowed to fish the land belonging to the riparian owners. This is why Club Regulation 18 is in everyone's interests to ensure timely reporting and continuity of our fishing rights; 'Any member who fails to submit the return in time but wishes to rejoin the club the following season will be required to pay the full subscription plus a £50 excess.'

*Please note that renewal form submissions will be processed from Jan 2nd 2024. Once submitted, no further communication is necessary and you will be contacted in due course.












If you are unable to fill in the simple online form above, please download and send the Word document version (below)  by email to the “Treasurer/Subscriptions Officer”,, or by post to:


PO Box 280.


NE37 9DJ.  

2024 New Membership Application Form Download

The Treasurer/Subscriptions officer can also be contacted on: Tel. 07592 859772 (10am to 8pm) from January 2nd 2024. 

2024 Membership Renewal Form
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