Current Members

Please find below a range of useful member information. For contact details mentioned, please consult the club's rule book.  

Avian Flu

If you find dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or other dead wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey on the river bank, you should report them to the Defra helpline (03459 33 55 77). Do not touch or pick up any dead or visibly sick birds that you find. For further information see advice for the public here:

Submitting catch returns

The club needs to report annual catch returns as a contractual obligation of being allowed to fish the land belonging to the riparian owners. This is why Club Regulation 18 is in everyone's interests to ensure timely reporting and continuity of our fishing rights; 'Any member who fails to submit the return in time but wishes to rejoin the club the following season will be required to pay the full subscription plus a £50 excess.'


Every Full member must submit an official format catch return of game fish caught to the Club Secretary by no later than 30th November of the relevant year, even if nothing was caught. A catch return may be Submitted via the catch returns web page, handed to the Secretary at the AGM or posted to the Secretary, (members are advised to obtain proof of postage - supplied free of charge at any Post Office). 

Guest permits

A Full member may purchase a Guest Permit to take a friend fishing on Club   waters, (see Rule Book Tagging Rule 13.4) but must ensure that the guest has a current and valid EA Rod Licence. Members are totally responsible for the overall conduct of   their guests & must fish within 50 yards of them at ALL TIMES. Once used, the Permit, with the Catch Return section completed, must be returned to the issuing Official, within 48 hours of the date of use. Cancellation of a Guest Permit for a full refund or a change of date of validity will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances. If granted, the Permit must be immediately returned to the issuing Official for cancellation or amendment. Any member failing to comply with any of these conditions will be prohibited from obtaining a Guest Permit for the rest of the season. Fees per day:- Brown Trout and Coarse Fish £10, Salmon and Sea Trout £20.

Exchange permits

CDAC, along with the following Angling Clubs, has an Exchange Permit scheme, subject to conditions. The Permit holder must be a member of this Club, (CDAC). No Exchange Permits will be issued to a Junior member unless they are accompanied
by a Senior member with an Exchange Permit. Please note - no Exchange Permits will be issued on a Sunday.


Angling Clubs                       
Willington A/C                              
Big Waters A/C                             
Washington & Harrington A/C           
Eltringham Water                             


Permits can be obtained from the Chairperson and must be returned within 48 hours of issue. Failure to do so will result in that members being refused any Exchange permit for the rest of the season.

Lumley Grange Farm

When accessing the Club’s water via Lumley Grange Farm, members need to   obtain a key fob & manual key to gain access through the gates. The key & fob are available from either the Chairperson or Mr. Stewart Tully. 24 hours’ notice is required & members have 48 hours in which to return them. Each fob has individual coding so records can be kept by the riparian owners as to who uses them & when they are used.

Reporting concerns

ANY concerns observed by members regarding any illegal activity, poaching, pollution, misuse of the tagging system, etc,
please phone the Club Bailiff.

ANY suspicious activity on the river please phone the Police on:-101 and quote “Operation Traverse”
& or the Environment Agency on:-
0800 807060


ANY anti-social behaviour or harassment
please phone the Police on:-

101 (999 in an emergency)